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Performance Slide Board

Performance Slide Board

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AUD $900.00 (ex. GST)


Made in Canada - Heavy Duty - Adjustable Length


Slide Board is 60cm wide and x 7mm thick


  • Slideboard
  • 2 x Bumpers
  • 1 x Pair Tough Nylon Booties with elastic top.
  • Bottle of Armor-All for polishing surface.

Slideboards have been a favourite off-ice and dry land training tool for years. Get in prime shape for agility sports, skating and skiing with this time tested classic.

Slideboards are great for:

  • Developing lateral strength, power and endurance for all levels of skaters.
  • Improving balance, agility, speed and flexibility.

The Slide features:

  • Solid core polymer board constructed with an extremely slick fresh ice-like top surface.
  • Bio-mechanically correct end ramps that adjust in one foot increments.
  • Non-slip reinforced rubber underlay that holds firm on floor or carpet.
  • Comes with Speed Booties and an Instruction Book.

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