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COR Bench - Silver

COR Bench - Silver

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AUD $1,100.00 (ex. GST) AUD $453.64 (ex. GST)


Made in USA

Burst Resistance over 500KG (Manufacturer's Rating)

Recently launched, the COR Bench introduces an inflatable exercise surface that places greater demand on the neuromuscular system than a traditional flat bench.

The inflatable portion is puncture resistant, lightweight, and "green. The variation between this material and a typical exercise ball: its constructed of 400-denier nylon urethane, is significantly stronger, and very hard to puncture. Producing equipment that is environmentally friendly is important to us.

Whats the result? Our bench increases muscle activation by utilizing the core musculature (rectus abdominus, transverse abdominus, external/internal obliques, and the erector spinae group) to stabilize the bodys center of gravity. The new school of thought is that we should actually be encouraging anti-rotation while still activating the torso and obliques.

Length: 114 cm
Width: 30 cm
Height: 20 cm
Weight: 12 kg

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